How To Stop Puppy Digging


When your puppy is outdoors it can be a good idea to monitor them while they are very young. Puppies are like babies and they can get into anything. This can include things that can be toxic to your puppy and harm them. Monitoring your puppy will help to catch them if they are digging and you can stop this behavior.

Supervision is going to be one of the most effective ways to combat digging and you cannot leave your dog outdoors and come home hours later to correct this behavior. All corrections must be made the instant the bad behavior occurs. This will be the way you teach your dog not to dig and you will find that your yard and garden will not become a victim of a bored pet.

If you have more than one dog you may not know which one is digging in the yard. This can be hard to correct and you will have to let both dogs out when you are go out as well. You may have one dog that is naturally more inclined to dig and you will want to keep a close eye to find out which dog needs the corrections. You can also look at your dogs paws and this can be a good indicator of digging.

You can also put chicken wire or other fencing around the area where you do not want the dog to dig. Many owners will spy on their dog and catch them in the act to make the correction. When you catch the dog digging, you will want to tell the dog no in a firm voice and this is all the correction that is needed to curb this type of behavior.If you're looking for these kinds of cheap soccer jersey for kids then you'll find a lot of places where you could get yourself a Cowboys Jersey for kids. The very first place where you can search for a Cowboys jersey for kids could be at the concession stand of the arena or perhaps the stadium exactly where the game is to be held.

You should also work on being very consistent, especially in the beginning of training. You should always monitor behavior and make the right connections. Before you know it you will have a dog that you can let outside and not worry about. You can teach these behaviors at a young age and this can set the course for good behavior in the future. To stop puppy digging completely you will need to make this a goal in your home and everyone will have to participate to curb this bad behavior.

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